Molly Mae Wilson

Molly Mae Wilson passed away on Monday, March 11th, 2013 after suffering from strokes for many days straight.

She is preceded in death by her brother, Elliott Wilson: a rescued Terrier Mix, and also the first dog of Barry and Janice Wilson.

She is survived by her parents Barry and Janice (nee Marks) Wilson of Maryville, IL, and sisters Chelsea, Abbey, and Gemma Kae Wilson (a rescued Lab Mix).

Molly enjoyed long, summertime walks at night with her parents and her sister, Gemma.  As a puppy and while growing up, Molly loved playing with her stuffed soccer ball in the living room with Abbey.  She was quite the energetic one.  She loved to play with her old neighbor, Scottie, a West Highland Terrier.  Molly spent many of her later days on the couch in the kitchen with her mom, Janice.  When not on the couch, she was either on Janice’s lap or in the master bedroom ready for a night of slumber.  She loved food, especially Cheez-Its and she often tried eating Gemma’s leftovers before anyone could notice.  Gemma loved to leave Molly a little extra food to eat.  Molly was also employed at Barry Wilson Funeral Home as a greeter every Friday afternoon.  You could see it was her by her shiny, silver bow collar that she excitedly let us put on her every Friday morning.

Molly Mae will undoubtedly be missed by her family and friends.