Coco Booger Greenley

9/27/1997 – 8/26/2013

Male Red Dachshund AKC HM729526/03

Little Coco, at three months old, you were the best Christmas present your master Van ever had.  You had quite the life of travel across the U.S. from California and Washington State each week in our Peterbilt.  You entertained drivers by pushing small rocks up to their feet – exactly where they pointed.  All our young nieces and nephews loved and played with you, and wanted to take you home.  We all loved you so much, Coco.  You were truly the best little dog we ever had.  You always wanted to please everyone.  After your “Daddy” Van passed away eight years ago, your “Mommy” and Terry took loving care of you – even cutting up baked chicken with your regular food and carrying you up and down steps.  You still played rock and ball with your Dachshund brother, Harley, till your last few weeks and tried to walk and follow us around but you were tired and couldn’t breathe well.   Your little heart gave out on Monday, August 26, 2013 with me petting you lovingly.  We still were not ready to let you go buddy.  You had a long happy 16 years here with us.  I know you were in the arms of the angels once again with your loving “Daddy” and are happy to rest in peace. 

Coco Booger – you are gone but left us wonderful memories and never forgotten.