Murphy Beau Eddy

March 31, 1999 to November 7, 2016

Dog mom:  Julie Eddy, Maryville, IL


Murphy Beau Eddy, a beautiful Silky Terrier, with brown eyes, a soft tan and gray coat, and a spunky spirit was born on March 31, 1999.  He died on November 7, 2016 after a short illness of kidney disease.  He came into our lives on August 15, 1999.  We were not leaving without him and he let us know that from the very first time we saw each other.  He chose us that day.  From the time he was little, he was playful and funny, loving and sweet.  He never met a stranger he didn't like and loved to bite their thumbs and hold onto them.  He didn’t like to be alone, always following someone out of the room if he was in it by himself.  He was there for every family birthday, holiday, and beach trip.  For Halloween, he was dressed as everything from Dracula to super heroes.  He had an abundance of comfy blankets, treats, toys, table food from my dad, extra attention from my mom during the day, and love galore from my siblings, their children, and his furry cousins.  In 1999 when he was only 10, we received a terrible scare -- he had Cushing's and a pituitary gland tumor.  My dad insisted that he and my mom take him to Mizzou and stay with him at a hotel for his 4-week radiation treatment.  He wasn't expected to live more than a year after that, but he proved them wrong, living 7 more.  He was a fighter, strong-willed and stubborn.  It's hard to capture everything about Murphy in a small paragraph.  I just want people to know that dogs are never "just a dog."  They can give us meaning and teach us so much about unconditional love, friendship, kindness, loyalty, caring, and pure happiness.  To my sweet little bear cub, who I know is in heaven with my dad right now, I miss you, love you, will never forget you, and will see you again someday......