Peanut Reyman passed away on Friday, September 9, 2016.  She was born February 25, 1999 and became the daughter of Clarissa (Chris) Marie Reyman of Maryville, IL.

She was preceded in death by her mom, Chris Reyman; a sister, Peaches Reyman, a Shi Tzu; and her grandpa, Richard Reyman.

She is survived by her Grammy, Sandra Reyman of Maryville, IL, who worked diligently to tenderly care for her in the final years of Peanut's life.  She is also survived by her uncle & aunt, Bill and Tammy Reyman of Edwardsville, IL; cousins, Courtney and Cody Reyman; and her 4-legged cousin, Jessi, a black Lab/English Mastiff mix, also of Edwardsville, IL.

As a puppy, and while growing up, she enjoyed playing with all the children who came to her house.

She also had a love for food.  She would never let you forget when it was time to eat, especially when it came to snack time.

Peanut will be missed dearly by all of her family.