Shih-Chung "Charlie" Chang M.D., E.M.B.A.

Shih-Chung "Charlie" Chang, MD, EMBA age 67 of Collinsville, IL, passed away Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 11:28 pm at Anderson Hospital in Maryville.

He was born in Tainan, Taiwan to Mr. Morning and Chin Chang on October 1, 1944. It was an era of great change for the people of Taiwan amidst a civil war in China, which overflowed into their little island. He was the eldest of three brothers: Shih-Hao, Dr. Shih-Lieh, Dr. Shih-Jen and one sister, Yia-Hwey “Tina” Hsieh. While attending Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung, Dr. Chang served as a Second Lieutenant, medical army personnel, during which he aided a near fatally injured United States Air Force pilot who was forced to land on the base Dr. Chang served. The following year, a three-star general flew from the United States to Taiwan specifically to meet Dr. Chang and to bestow military honors and appreciation for saving the pilot’s life. After graduating in 1968, Dr. Chang began practicing as a pediatrician at the Taiwan Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Taipei.

In 1969 with scarce personal resources, he immigrated to America and worked at the Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, IL. The following year, he married his beautiful wife Sheow-Hwey Ueng. A year later, they moved to Maplewood in St. Louis, MO where Dr. Chang trained in the OB/GYN department of St. Louis University Hospital. In 1973, his first child, a daughter was born. His affiliations included the Gateway Regional Medical Center, formerly St. Elizabeth Hospital, in Granite City, IL, Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL and Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. In 1975, Dr. Chang opened his own practice in Collinsville and personally delivered his second child, a son in 1976. Shortly thereafter, he established personal residence in Collinsville, IL, the self-proclaimed “horseradish capital of the world.” Dr. Chang, along with the creative direction of his wife, built a medical surgical center in Maryville, IL known as Chang’s Medical Arts Surgicenter which he proudly opened three days after he personally delivered his third child, a son in October 1980. The building with its signature round glass entrance has been an identifying marker in Maryville, IL for more than a quarter of a century and now continues to serve the community as Anderson Hospital’s Center for Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Chang’s professional achievements included serving as Chairman of Anderson Hospital’s OB/GYN department and later as Chief of Medical Staff of Anderson Hospital, President of the Madison County Medical Society, and Clinical Associate Professor of Washington University School of Medicine at Barnes Jewish Hospital. In 1991, he founded the Asian Advisory Committee at Southwest Bank of St. Louis in order to assist the lending and credit needs of the Asian American community. Dr. Chang also received his EMBA from Washington University in 1994. Dr. Chang proudly delivered thousands of babies during his lifetime, many of whom were second and third generations from the same family.

Dr. Chang was passionately dedicated to the community. His activities included the following: president of North American Taiwanese Medical Association—St. Louis Chapter in 1994; president of Taiwanese Association of America—St. Louis Chapter in 1996; 1997 Chair of the Midwest Plains Conference; founding committee member of Taiwan Publication Fund; Taiwanese presidential candidate Ming-Min Peng campaign coordinator for greater St. Louis in Taiwan’s first free and democratic presidential elections in 1996; founding board officer of the North American Taiwanese Professors Association; supported the Taiwanese American Citizens League, Formosa Association of Human Rights and Formosa Foundation; founding member Taiwan Center—Greater Los Angeles; in 1998, co-founded with his wife, Friends of Taiwan—Greater St. Louis and their premier program the Overseas Culture Exchange Tour and Exhibition between Japan, Taiwan, and the United States; and co-founder of community philosophy club in 2002. For those who knew Dr. Chang as a peacemaker, it is no surprise that in 2006, he received certification in multi-ethnic community mediation serving the St. Louis Ethnic Mediation Council.  He enjoyed stimulating conversations, including those shared in the Taiwanese Salon Club for more than 20 years, and particularly those involving global politics, economics, health, and philosophy. He was always up for a good game of ping pong or a relaxed round of golf and playing harmonica.

Dr. Chang retired in 2004 in the wake of growing health issues; however, he still found the strength to serve on the board of deacons for three years at the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in St. Louis which was founded by his father decades ago. Dr. Chang was blessed to meet two of his grandchildren before his health significantly deteriorated earlier this year. Dr. Chang passed away on the night of May 8th, 2012. He was 67. Dr. Chang is survived by his loving wife, and his three children: Irene (and her husband Eric and son Logan), Peter (and his wife Anne and daughter Amelia) and youngest son, Kevin.

Despite coming to America with merely a suitcase and broken English, like many immigrants to the United States, Dr. “Charlie” Chang faced great challenges and beat all odds establishing a life of contribution and dedication to serving people and bringing life into the world. He consistently reminded us that “giving is better than taking.” Though far in distance, his generosity never wavered and his heart never diminished for the betterment of his birth country of Taiwan. But America was his home and he never took for granted the support the community gave to him and never refused any opportunity to give back to the country and community which adopted him and became home for him and his family.

A Memorial Gathering will be held from 2-4 pm on Saturday, May 12th, 2012, with Memorial Services at 4pm at Barry Wilson Funeral Home, 2800 North Center Street (Hwy 159), Maryville, IL 62062.

Memorials may be made to Anderson Hospital Foundation, Attn: Alice Drobisch, 6800 State Route 162, Maryville, IL 62062 or to the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, 542 Ries Road, Ballwin, MO 63021.

疼主 疼人 活出永恒生命

愛家 愛鄉 典範長存世間

張世聰醫師回歸父神 安息主懷


1944年10月1日,張世聰醫師出生於戰後的台灣台南,雙親為張茂霖先生、張琴女士,在家中排行長子,有三位弟弟張世豪、張世烈、張世仁和一位妹妹張雅惠。張世聰醫師畢業於台中中山醫學大學後,服役陸軍預官少尉醫官,曾急救過一位在他服役的基地迫降受重傷的美國空軍飛行員,事隔一年,一位美軍三星將領由美國飛到台灣,頒予張世聰醫師榮譽匾額,感謝他救了那位飛行員的性命,當時在軍中和學校留下一段佳話。1968年, 張世聰醫師進入位於台北之基督教台安醫院擔任小兒科醫師,從此開啟他一生疼主疼人、懸壺濟世、愛家愛鄉、奉獻桑梓之豐富人生。










在關懷社區奉獻鄉里,提昇亞裔地位方面,張世聰醫師堅持信念,努力不懈,1991年,獲有華盛頓大學企業管理碩士學位的張世聰醫師在聖路易西南銀行創立亞裔顧問委員會,擔任主席,協助亞裔社區申請急需之信用貸款創業基金,是聖路易地區金融界之創舉。張世聰醫師亦曾擔任北美州台灣人醫師協會理事及台灣教授協會理事,1994年擔任聖路易台灣醫師會會長,1996年擔任聖路易台灣同鄉會會長和台灣首次開放民主選舉彭明敏總統候選人大聖路易地區後援會總召集人,隔年擔任美中西區平原區理事長,亦積極參與推動全美台灣人權協會,台美公民協會及Formosa Foundation,他也是大洛杉磯台灣會館創會會員,台灣文庫創會董事,更於1998年和妻子翁秀蕙一齊創立大聖路易地區台灣之友會,曾數次率領台灣之友會訪問團訪問日本、台灣,並與美國本地作台日美藝術文化交流。張世聰醫師還喜歡與台灣沙龍會,二十餘年來融入世界政治、經濟、健康等的會談討論,並於2002年與齊教授成立哲學討論會。他也在2006年接受聖路易Multi-Ethnic Community Mediation Training多元族群社區的調和訓練,是聖路易多元族群協調會 (St. Louis Ethnic Mediation Council) 的和平使者,不停的關懷社區和平。他喜歡,高爾夫球和乒乓球都打的很好,球品也好,打高爾夫球時,不急不徐,非常瀟灑,球友印象深刻,張世聰醫師就是這樣一位謙沖君子。








Memorials may be made to the following:

  • Anderson Hospital Foundation, Attn: Alice Drobisch, 6800 State Route 162, Maryville, IL 62062
  • Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, 542 Ries Road, Ballwin, MO 63021


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