Carrie Sue Kiefer

Carrie Sue Kiefer, age 58, born August 2, 1957 passed away at 4:59 p.m. on September 30, 2015 at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL. 

A homeless man or woman,
Another child of God.
You'll turn your back and then walk away,
Because you find them odd.

No fireplace or warm, dry bed,
No family to call their own.
In the cold is where they sleep,
That's where they call home.

Exposed to natures elements,
On a frozen bench they lie.
While you sleep in your warm house,
Fed, secure, and dry.

Buy them a warm and hardy meal,
And stop being critical.
Give them shoes without holes,
You can be their miracle!

Poem by: B G Wetherby

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