Jubilee Grace Merlitz

Jubilee Grace Merlitz, infant daughter of Joseph Christopher and Sarah Blanche nee Clark Merlitz, of O'Fallon, IL passed away March 5, 2014 at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL.

Besides her parents, she is survived by grandparents Lori Clark of Coalinga, CA, Gary Clark of Coalinga, CA, Richard and Margaret Merlitz of Prescott, AZ; great grandparents Robert Showers of Phoenix, AZ and Robert and Marilyn Halk of El Dorado, CA and Bertha Merlitz of CA.

Memorial services will be 1pm Saturday, March 15, 2014 at the Anderson Hospital Chapel in Maryville, IL with Rev. Jim Donahue officiating. 

Memorials may be made to the Pavilion for Women at Anderson Hospital, 6800 State Route 162, Maryville, IL 62062.


Her name was Jubilee

The news came five months  ago
Exciting news that cheered us up
Yet I miss her more than I can say
I never knew her but you see I really did

Weeks and weeks past by
We waited with happiness
Soon the good days darkened
And badness flooded our excitement

A moler that's all it was
A frightening sight to see
That maybe this pregnancy
Was never meant to be

The doctors studied closely
To make sure she was ok
Then everything seemed fine
So happiness found a way

Soon the time came
A boy or a girl
She was to be a beauty
A bouncing baby girl

Yet the excitement didn't last long
The worries soon came back
Mom was in the hospital
The baby not doing so well

Half way to deliver and moms water broke
There's not a thing the doctors could do
It was definitely to soon
And for the baby passed away before she saw the world

You see even though she was tiny
There was a name for her
This name that I knew already
Her name was jubilee

I always will remember
This tiny niece of mine
She has a place inside my heart
No matter what time brings

For I know god has a purpose
For this little niece of mine
She's in a better place now
She now is safe and sound

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